Swynnerton, UK: Update from Bluebell Woods protection camp

43 Days our friends have spent in a network of tunnels beneath this beautiful woodland.
This railway optimises corporate capitalsim and governmental power and produces injustices, oppression, corruption and the dismantling of democracy.

We, the people, deserve to have our voices heard! We deserve not to be trampled on and ignored, not to have our homes destroyed or land taken, we deserve better than a railway for corporate greed, we deserve to have a society that runs with us, all of us, not a society that forgets the people who make it and leaves them in the gutter. We deserve better than hs2, better than the tories, better than neoliberalism. Believe in better for goodness sake!!!!! 😁
You don’t have to occupy a tunnel for 43 days to make a difference… but I’m soooooo friggin pleased these people decided too 💪😂✌️
If you want to help the people underground with legal costs or just to get a nice meal when they’re out please donate to the fundraiser and the money will go directly to them. Help them because they have mad an amazing sacrifice for your natural spaces and rights! 💙

Soidarity support – https://www.gofundme.com/f/bluebellwoods