Amsterdam: Ferdinand Bolstraat 14 squatted

On the 13th of June we squatted a building on Ferdinand Bolstraat 14 ground floor. This house is owned by the municipality of Amsterdam and has been empty for over a year. We are a group of people in need for housing who found in squatting the only solution in order to live in Amsterdam. Houses stay empty for speculation, rent prices increase, council housing is sold of privately and the working class is being pushed out of the city. We decided to squat in de Pijp because it is a classic example of a beautiful neighborhood ruined by gentrification. We work in the city for minimum wage but like many other cannot afford to live here. We’re sick of exploitation, having our wages stolen from us while barely surviving. We’re sick of getting pushed to the outskirts while traveling to the pijp to serve food to yuppies in a neighborhood we cannot afford to live in. We will not stay quiet, we will not stay hidden.
We take, expropriate and we occupy what we believe is ours to take, and we encourage others to do the same. Gentrification is class war. Together we will resist, build spaces where we can rely on each other outside and against the capitalist system. We don’t think money should determine anyone’s life choices. Therefore we decided to squat Ferdinand Bolstraat 14 in order to house people, open a free  shop and a social centre where people can come together, find what they need and politically organize.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
raak [at] riseup [dot] net

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