Berlin: Defend Meuterei!

The best place is still at the bar – The best place is still on the street

On March the 25th the kneipecollective Meuterei is facing eviction, after almost 2 years without a contract.

Traversing a period where Berlin is facing a big transformation and the autonomous infrastructures a great attack, places as Meuterei, are necessary.

They are necessary for the people of the neighborhood who cannot afford the price list of the new posh bars, for the people of the scene who need a meeting point to socialize and politicize, for young people who seek for moments outside parent’s and teacher’s controls, for homeless people who need a place to rest without cops and security controls, for people who do not get pressured or kicked out if they dont buy.

Meuterei as a bar collective is always an open space to people and groups who want to get organized and use the rooms, solidarity events can take place and social events can bring us closer.

For us it is clear: state and capital are showing again their true face. By evicting autonomous spaces, where the struggles acquire territory and self-organized spaces where people self-determinated their way of living, the ruling class once again excludes every oppressed and exploited. The government of Berlin by enforcing a cop state, antisocial and racist politics, by using the pandemic in order to make more profit and lead more people to precarity and intensifying the authoritarian character of the state, does nothing else than serving the interest of capital and preserving it’s dominance and it’s violence.

We, as part of emancipatory and anti-autoritarian struggles, once again should make obvious that we do not blindly obey their directives, their laws, their system.


24.3 – 20 Uhr Kufa outside, with speakers and music, at Rigaer94 in solidarity with Meuterei
25.3 – 6Uhr – Day X – Dezentralisert euch! – Day and evening actions,
25.3 – 6Uhr – Day X – Meuterei ist überall
25.3 – 19Uhr – Day X Demo,

Chaos for Meute

We as Interkiezionale call on all solidary and freedom-loving people to bring the city into turmoil on and around March 25 against the eviction of the Kiezkneipe Meuterei.

The pub collective Meuterei has been creating a space for exchange, networking and solidarity in Reichenberger Straße for 10 years. Such places are increasingly being pushed out of this city. With the Syndikat and Liebig34, we had to say a painful goodbye to two autonomous spaces, and after the eviction attempt of Meuterei, many more attacks on left-wing projects will follow.

Yuppie stores and start-up offices are moving in where there were once places where it was not about consumption, but primarily about social exchange and collective organizing. Gentrification is slowly creeping into every corner of this city to make profit out of the last hole. The cops make sure that even every rotten owner can raise his rent and hawk living space into commodity. For this they beat us out of our stores and houses and our comrades from the streets. Neoliberalization also ensures that politics is oriented towards capital interests and obviously crawls out of and into the asses of investors. Instead of discussing and negotiating with the urban population, they send the cops to beat away annoying calls for justice and affordable rents.

When the cops „regulate“ any political struggle and take away all our places, we are left with only the street as a place of resistance. We want to take the streets for Meute and uncompromisingly show who this city belongs to.

If our protest is to be nipped in the bud, we should act from ambush. If every demo is accompanied by cops in a trellis, we should create chaos.

If there are hardly any places left that we want to and can defend, there is no reason not to attack the places that displace us every day.

Organize in your affinity groups and with your projects and come to the neighborhood on March 25th from 6am. But not only in Kreuzberg protest should become visible, but all of Berlin must get to know what we think about displacement and evictions!

In the evening there will be a powerful Interkiezionale Day X demo.

DEMO | 25.03 | 19UHR

Stay tuned, get ready.
The fight for the city from below is not over yet.
Keine Beute mit der Meute!

Reichenberger Str. 58, Berlin

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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source: Rigaer94