Catalonia: eight arrested and squats raided

An anarchist group would be, according to the Mossos, the main responsible for the riots in Barcelona for the freedom of Pablo Hasel. Faced with the wide social response, especially among the youth, to the aberrant imprisonment of the rapper Pablo Hasel, the Catalan police already have those responsible, the scapegoats whom they intend to criminalize for social mockery and to hide, by the way, the brutal abuses committed by the riot police (a demonstrator loosing her eye, massive beating in Gràcia…).

Undoubtedly, they will continue to count on the overwhelming support of a political (central and regional governments), judicial and media apparatus that, as good servants of the economic powers, are interested in diverting attention from the real causes of the mobilizations, such as the growing authoritarianism and repression of the State (the scandalous imprisonment of Hasel is the umpteenth case), the rampant corruption, with the Bourbons at the head, or the social exclusion and lack of prospects in the face of an increasingly predatory capitalism.

According to the newspaper El Nacional, the Mossos d’Esquadra will bring to court on Tuesday the Italian woman arrested for allegedly having set fire to the van of the UREP of the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona during last Saturday’s riots on the Rambla de Barcelona.

The other seven anarchists arrested will also be handed over to the judge on March 2, thus exhausting the 72 hours provided for by law.

Charged with attempted homicide

According to the police, who arrested the woman in the street of Corsica next to the Rambla de Catalunya, the young woman sprayed the van with flammable liquid to set it on fire and will be brought before the judge accused of an alleged crime of attempted murder. The Mossos would charge her with this crime on the basis of some alleged images that they would have analyzed. They also consider that it would be justified because the agent in the van could be clearly seen from the outside.

Eight anarchists arrested

In addition to the Italian woman, a French one was also arrested among the Saturday demonstrators. In total, from this group, clearly politicized and of anarchist tendency according to the Mossos, there are eight people arrested: six Italian nationals, one French and one Spanish.

The Catalan police describe the arrests made on Saturday as “very important” and, according to El Nacional, they claim that these are the main people responsible for the organization and materialization of the serious incidents that have occurred in recent days in the city of Barcelona. The Mossos d’Esquadra are finishing the proceedings to present before the judge all the disturbances that, allegedly, made the anarchists arrested on Saturday.

Search of squatted houses in the Maresme area

On Monday morning, agents from the Mossos d’Esquadra’s General Information Headquarters searched two squats in Mataró and Canet de Mar where the young people arrested in Barcelona were allegedly living.

The operation was carried out under the supervision of the court handling the case of the Barcelona incidents and began early in the morning. The Mossos have taken material from the two squatted houses, with the presence of the arrested people, without any new arrests.

After spending three nights at the Mossos police station, this Tuesday they will be taken to court. It will be the judge on duty, after hearing the version of the Mossos and the version of the detainees, who will be able to order their imprisonment or their release.

The other six people arrested on Saturday have been released. They are accused of robbery and looting and the police do not link them to the anarchist group.

The Police Union of Catalonia (SPC) has filed a lawsuit on Monday for attempted murder against those arrested for Saturday’s riots in Barcelona during the demonstration against the imprisonment of Pablo Hasel. The plaintiffs put the emphasis on the burning of a van of the Guardia Urbana.

In addition to attempted murder, the union also denounces crimes of arson, attacking police officers, hatred, public disorder and criminal organisation. In addition, the formation understands that there could be a crime of terrorism, according to the jurisprudence of the so-called “kale borroka”.

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