Barcelona: solidarity with the arrested anarchist comrades!

8 of our comrades have been remanded in custody for the night of the 3rd of March 2021! The judge on duty of the court #17 of Barcelona accuses them of public disorder, attempted homicide, organized criminal group, illegal demonstration; according to the press (i.e. the Mossos, Catalan police) they would be responsible for all the riots and vandalism that have taken place since February 16th, including the burning of the police van on the Rambla on Saturday, February 27th. Currently the comrades are in quarantine-isolation in the prison of Brians I, in Martorell.

The real problem is that they are anarchists and they have shown it with their participation in the demonstration in solidarity with Pablo Hasel on Saturday 27th, called by the CUP (Candidatura d’Unitat Popular, left-wing Catalan independence party), like thousands of other people. What they didn’t know or ignored was that some of their enemies had them in their sights because of events 4 years ago in Girona*. This is a threat to many of us who are anti-authoritarian and have never hidden it!

This is why the CUP in a political meeting on wednesday 3 March on the topic of the rejection of violence and possible changes in the police model in Catalonia, only asked that the feminist demonstrations of 8 March can take place without problems…, the 8 imprisoned comrades do not matter to the CUP!!!!
At no time have they demanded their release or expressed their solidarity! In addition, a leader of this ‘communist’ party condemned the ‘violence that endangers the life of a person’, in this case the cop who was inside the police van attacked with fire. This is the disinterest shown by the CUP in the anarchist compas who are accused and used as scapegoats, while the (political) spectacle must continue… concretely, the CUP wants to participate in the new regional government of Catalonia, and the repression that we are experiencing these days does not limit its willingness to collaborate with the executive.

Is this the “political price” they are willing to pay?

The anarchists have served as cannon fodder…, and once revenge is exacted – albeit belatedly – they and the feminists will be able to enjoy all the new “liberties” while they peacefully march towards the new Catalan democracy. An outraged historical memory is no excuse to repeat the national-Bolshevik betrayal that took place during the Civil War and that has never been forgotten by anarchists.

State repression is increasing, not only in Catalonia or in the Spanish state. In the meantime, according to the Catalan police, the investigation is still open and they don’t rule out other arrests of “violent” anarchist comrades… that is, any morning they can break down your door and kidnap you, destination one of their beautiful prisons with purple cells and gold bars, then judge you online in 5 minutes and sentence you to a few years in jail because you are a violent anti-social who is part of an organized criminal group called “Anarchists”.

PS: We will infiltrate the March 8 parades everywhere to maximize “violet violence” against all forms of authority, domination and confinement and to demand the release of all anarchist prisoners and the destruction of everything that oppresses us!


Notes :
* Who doesn’t know what it refers to can look for a text called “El Mecanismo”, published in 2017 by the anarchist comrades of Girona.

PS2: On February 25, 2021, the mass media published the annotation of the anti-anarchist action planned and carried out by Catalan police officers:
“The Minister of Industry, Ramon Tremosa, asked Catalan society to “isolate and denounce” the “small violent groups” that “attack businesses, stores or hotels”. The government and the businessmen of the Foment del Treball and the Barcelona Oberta met on Thursday and demanded an end to the acts of vandalism that have occurred during the demonstrations for the release of the rapper Pablo Hasel.
“Although Sàmper (Miguel Sàmper, Minister of the Interior of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia) acknowledged that “there were no concrete commitments”, the businessmen left the meeting satisfied with the “complicity” shown by the Ministries of the Interior and Industry, with the aim of working to “eradicate acts of vandalism”. “We agreed that in Barcelona we must avoid acts of vandalism, radicals, trash can fires. The fact that Barcelona is constantly on fire keeps investments away”, said the president of the Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre.

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