Paris: Le Marbré, a new space to bring our struggles to life in Montreuil

Squat Le Marbré made itself known following the visit of the cops and the property manager on September 16 2020. Many people responded to the call for support that day and the following ones, and it was too much fun. Following a collective opening of the buildings and because we want this place to be self-organized, decisions will be made in a regular open general assembly of the place. We want to fight against all forms of authority and formal or informal hierarchies, both outside and inside the place. For us this means fighting all forms of domination and oppression.

This occupation is based on a refusal: the one of having to work and struggle to pay rent in the south part of Montreuil that is constantly gentrifying, whether to live or to organize. This space is part of a struggle against the capitalist valorization of the neighborhood, which always ends up pushing the poor away to make way for the richest and their small, uneventful meadow. No meadow, no precariousness!

Le Marbré wants to be a non-market place. Reflections have been initiated on the practice: operating at a free price, favoring moments of sociability without consumerism…

The aim is an inclusive and open functioning, where everything will be organized and debated at the general assembly: political activities to be held, work to be done on the space, the legal defense of the squat, maintenance, events…

Everyone interested by this invitation is welcome. In practice, this translates into an autonomous mode of organization, as opposed to what is proposed by parties, unions and other hierarchical or institutional structures. The aim is to move away from a consumer/provider relationship within the place so that it can be re appropriated. Le Marbré will be a space to bring our struggles to life.

The space is composed of a house dedicated to housing and a hall for collective activities. Surprise at the opening: the hall is covered with a 3cm layer of dust and, under the dust, marble! The building is an old marble factory emptied of its workers and left abandoned, which we wish to transform into a space of struggle against the different forms of exploitation. It has therefore become “Le Marbré” (the marble), soft as cake and solid as stone. Raphaël Dary, who claims to be the owner, would like to turn it into beautiful apartments (or lofts?) for resale. Raphaël’s project would fit very well with the few new residences for young families of dynamic workers, offices, and trendy bars nearby. In the gentrified sadness of the south part of Montreuil, Le Marbré appears and sets down his determination!

We encourage and support other initiatives of this kind! Squat everywhere!
Against all powers, revolts and self-organization!

Come to the public general assemblies of Le Marbré, the first one will be held on October 4, 2020 at 2 pm.

Le Marbré
39 rue des Deux Communes, Montreuil, France
lemarbre [at] riseup [dot] net

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