Caen: as long as there are people on the street, we’ll squat!

Demonstration Saturday, September 5, 2 pm.

Since last June 24th, the Calvados prefecture has evicted nine squats in the Caen agglomeration in which about 360 people lived, the majority of which were families with children. The squats on rue Bayet in Mondeville and rue La Varende in Hérouville-Saint-Clair were evicted during the extended winter truce on July 10 with a state of health emergency. Seven other squats have since been evicted: allée du Bosphore in Caen, route de Caen à Ifs, rue Pasteur in Mondeville, rue Desmoueux, Boulevard Guillou, rue Damozanne and rue de la Grace de dieu in Caen.

The Prefecture’s intention is to place a maximum number of people in CRA (Administrative Detention Center) or to assign them to residence, thus putting them under the permanent threat of expulsion from French territory. The policy of repression put in place by the state is intensifying, two Georgians were recently expelled following a squat eviction.

Currently, around 200 people do not have a permanent accommodation solution, some of them benefit from temporary solidarity, others live in tents or in their cars in undignified conditions.

We call to amplify the solidarity movement and we invite you to get closer to us if you can bring help, be it material (list of needs available on our website), financial, solidarity and to offer a hand or accommodation…

There are no rights without struggles, we call on you to come and support by your presence the inhabitants during the next evictions and squat openings.

Demonstration Saturday, September 5 at 2pm
rue Cardinal Lavigerie in Caen

Demand equal rights,
dignified living conditions,
the right to housing for all,
freedom of movement and settlement!

Assemblée Générale de Lutte contre toutes les expulsions
Caen, France
ag-contre-expulsions [at] riseup [dot] net

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