Strasbourg: La Pigeonne threatened with eviction, let’s mobilize. Imminent danger!

In a period where violent and even illegal evictions of tenants and squats have resumed (as in Caen and Gap), while the prolonged winter truce ended on July 10, threats of imminent eviction are hanging over La Pigeonne in the coming days or weeks. In the context of a global pandemic and unprecedented social and economic crisis, these moves are all the more intolerable.

As a reminder, La Pigeonne welcomes women, children and queer, precarious, exiled and marginalized people, occupying in Cronenbourg (Strasbourg) a building abandoned for several years by private owners. Since February 27, 2020, the house at 25 rue des pigeons has thus become a self-managed, queer-feminist housing and organization squat with a chosen gender mix (no cisgender men*). The existence of this place, where solidarities impossible to obtain by other means are built, is therefore necessary and vital.

We call upon the solidarity of the neighborhood and the entire population of Strasbourg to mobilize and defend this place in order to ensure the safety of its inhabitants.

Support us to prevent eviction.

Contact us to be kept informed and support us by coming to the site when the time comes or in other ways.

La Pigeonne

lapigeonne [at] riseup [dot] net

All presence and support can help prevent violence and even eviction (as in Paris and elsewhere).

*a cisgender person is someone who is consistent with the gender/sex assigned to him/her at birth.

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