Paris: rue du Croissant, re-housing of all occupants within one year

The eviction will not take place! Residents will leave the building on Thursday, August 27 from 8:30 am: They will be re-housed in HLM by the City and the Prefecture and accommodated until then.

The 31 homeless households/families who have been occupying 18 rue du Croissant Paris 2e since January 1st 2020, have won their case: a commitment to rehouse all the occupants within a year by the Prefecture and the City of Paris was agreed at the beginning of the week, with DAL and the occupants.

A particularly severe judgment, handed down on July 2nd, ordering the immediate eviction of the occupants, as well as the involvement of the Prefecture of Police in the procedure (it was the former police station of the 2nd arrondissement) raised the imminent risk of eviction.

This is why the occupants and DAL had proposed as early as July 10 to leave the building as soon as possible on the condition that they would be housed until they were re-housed, organized anti-eviction pickets every morning to give the alarm in case, and throughout the summer, called the new government and the regional prefecture. The city of Paris had agreed to house some of the occupants.

The occupants have filed HLM applications, have priority DALO or are awaiting a decision from the commission that rules on their DALO application (COMED).

The move to hotels in Paris or the suburbs will take place tomorrow morning, starting at 8:30 am.

Neither PRIMONIAL-REIM, the owner, which manages nearly 30 billion euros in assets, nor CitizenM, which claims to be building a luxury hotel at a time when the luxury tourism crisis is in full swing, are participating in the operation. On the other hand, these powerful financial groups have requested and obtained an indemnity of nearly 4,000€ per family, including the DAL …

All that remains to be done is to transform this building into social housing, to tax the profits from real estate speculation, the cause of housing misery.

No eviction, re-housing ! Occupation of vacant housing !

Social housing, lower rents and higher APL!
Press briefing and rally tomorrow at 5pm in front of 18 rue du Croissant to celebrate this advance.

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