Padua: Eviction of Bios Lab-Spazio Autogestito

Today (August 18) Bios Lab-Spazio Autogestito in Padua was evicted. Yet another eviction, yet another attack on an autonomous place of political, social and cultural production. Since 2013, Bios provided space for political, artistic and cultural projects used by hundreds of self-organised people, as well as many other things such as the free legal support office for asylum seekers.

On the one side we have speculation, commodification, legality, security, repression; on the other rights, freedom, justice, desires, resistance, self-determination.

Around Via Brigata Padua there are hundreds of apartments abandoned and left to ruin by the INPS, the property owner of a large part of the neighbourhood. But instead it’s the usual story of speculation facilitated by the judiciary and cops.

We’ll see what happens in September.
Hasta siempre!

Compiled from reports from Bios Lab-Spazio Autogestito, Pedro Centro Sociale Occupato and Làbas