Berlin: Let’s take the struggle into our hands again

A short call for the reopening of our structures.

Now that the arteries of the capitalist system are again pulsating in the rhythm of production and consumption, we find the re-opening of Kadterschmiede and other common spaces of the projects as important as mentioned in our previous text. [1]
During the “unofficial” lockdown people where pushed to continue going to work or companies found the alternative solution of home office to prevent a breakdown. For almost a month now the industry of education is open again. At the same time the public spaces are under constant attack to prevent political and social interactions.

In times when it’s mostly fascists who reclaim the public spheres and the cops try to control every corner of the city, our spaces cannot be kept closed any longer.

The reconstruction of our political and social spaces is a crucial necessity to finally break the self-isolation process which began during the state of emergency to continue our political and socially interactive meetings and to reclaim our self-organised ventures.
Let’s stand collectively against the regime of fear, control and isolation and get our communities of struggle re-organised! Facing evictions – Let’s all fight and open our common spaces in june again.

Starting the 27th of May, Kadterschmiede opens every wednesday again. This week there will be an info event about the current situation of Liebig34 and an exhibition of the history of our street. The exhibition and info event will take place outside if the wheather permits.

We as Rigaer94 try to make our space accomodating and comfortable to use for all our friends, people we see alligned with us politically and neighbours. We do not want to exclude you if e.g. you, or people you want to remain close to, have a condition that put you at higher risk in case of an infection. We are taking steps to make this easier but are not perfect. As always you can talk to people at the bar or at the doors anytime if you feel uncomfortable, want assistance with something or have a question. Nevertheless we are far from being able to provide a clinically clean environment. As such please use your own judgement to decide if you can and want to be here. Please be considerate and respect peoples boundaries, as always. We will continue having food in front of our doors like in the previous weeks. [2]

We are aware that this call might have reached people quite late. While we as a wider political structure are partly immobilized by safety-measures against infection, the state and its forces never ceased the attacks. We see a harmless example of it in front of our doors where cop-violence has become once again a daily experience for us. We understand this reopening as an important preparation for the upcoming crackdown on our spaces of self-organization (such as Liebig34).

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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[1] <a href=””>Selbstorganisation im Ausnahmezustand warum wir offene soziale Räume für wichtig halten auf</a>

[2] <a href=””>Einladung zur Strassenvokü auf</a>

Source: Rigaer94