Athens: Protest camp in front of Greek parliament after 4 evictions in 8 days

Yesterday [April 18] Greek police evicted the Clandestina refugee squat [pictured] and the queer feminist Cyclopi squat. One week before cops evicted the Azadi and Babylon refugee squats. Yesterday afternoon refugees have build up a protest camp in front of Greek parliament at Syntagma square to protest against the evictions.

The cops came in the very early morning hours to evict Clandestina refugee squat yesterday. At the same time they evicted Cyclopi. With 4 evictions in just 8 days, more than 300 people are homeless now.

Yesterday afternoon a group of about 70 refugees went to Syntagma square in Athens and started a protest camp in front of Greek parliament. The refugees demand housing, many of them are homeless after the evictions of the past 9 days.

Among the now homeless refugees are many children. One of the protesting refugees, Hessam Shaery, wrote on his Facebook profile: “There is no reason, no good logic to turning women and babies to the street.

No good justification can come forward.

If the Greek police and authorities do this, where is Europe?

Who can allow this to happen?

Please, don’t click like or sad, or angry. Tell your policitians, send aid.

We are humans less worthy than a religious building?

You risk arrest we are told. Well that would be some kind of roof at least.”

Arash Hampay wrote on his Facebook profile: ”
Homeless the refugees who were evicted today from a squat in Athens, now in a central square, Syndagma and protesting. They are around 70 people, mostly families with women and small kids.”

The Our House project supports the homeless refugees. On their Facebook page Our House wrote:

“Eviction update, peaceful protest in Syntagma

Thanks to those who brought clothes, food and blankets for the homeless women and children holding their protest through the night here in Syntagma Square, Athens.

This act of solidarity means very much to people who have been treated in this way.

Our House stand with refugees and homeless.

You are welcome to join this peaceful statement, the need for visibility of the enforcement of homeless on women and children refugees. Come down to Syntagma!!

More blankets, food and sleeping bags are needed.

More emergency shelter will be needed.

Help us help please.”

You can support the homeless refugees and the work of the Our House projekt with a donation on PayPal:

The protest in front of Greek parliament is continuing.