Amsterdam: 15 december, demonstration against the eviction of Amsterdam!

15 december 2018, 15:00, Daniel Meyerplein, Amsterdam

We are angry about the sale of the city: tourism, Airbnb, gentrification, sale of the social housing stock, segregation of neighborhoods and neighborhoods, the hunt on social centers and non-profit organizations, small businesses get into trouble because of extreme rents.  The city is becoming unaffordable. Young people and students can’t find an affordable place anywhere. Amsterdammers no longer know where their children should live. Teacher shortage because there is no affordable housing for new teachers, nurses, anymore. Tenants’ rights are being eroded. More and more temporary rental contracts, good housing disappearing from the social stock, waiting lists are endless. Properties are bought up to be used as Airbnb hotels. As the city becomes more commercial, free spaces disappear to make way for monoculture. All of Amsterdam has an interest in the preservation of the ADM, as the largest international sanctuary. 150 residents and countless small businesses and initiatives, unique events and festivals that cannot take place anywhere else in Amsterdam have to make way for a nonsensical and unrealistic business plan. But that doesn’t matter because once vacated, the land and port will increase in value enormously and that’s what it’s all about. Precisely to prevent speculation, the city council decided that only a shipyard may be built on the site, but now the city suddenly does not have a hard time. The ADM site belonged to the city of Amsterdam and must be preserved for the city! We invite everyone to stop the demolition and sale of the city. The pressure on the social housing sector, social living/working premises, self-managed premises and free stages is increasing all the time. If the ADM has to disappear, who is next in line? What happened at the Haarlemmerpoort must not be repeated. What are we going to do to protect affordable living and working places, which are becoming increasingly scarce: the purpose of this demo is to send out a signal that we are fed up: the city belongs to all of us: no exclusion, no social segregation, no monoculture. We want to counter pressure against creating, to defend our interests in a free, open and accessible city. Turn this latent potential and this latent dissatisfaction into a warm Christmas. 15 December 15:00h , daniel meyerplein, amsterdam

Hornweg 6, Amsterdam

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