Rotterdam: Films screened at WORM

The film night at WORM back in May was packed out. As promised, here are the films which were screened. These have all been carefully ripped off the internets and subtitled in english. Much respect to all the original film makers and also to Cineac / Pietje Bell Rotterdam, which was great local community television (lots on youtube!). Unfortunately it lost its funding in 2015.

Kraken gaat door! All films listed below:

The films. Follow the links to watch/download and remember to grab the subtitles als je niet nederlands praat..

  1. Presentation of SqEK via a 5 minute film from the previous SqEK conference in Barcelona, 2015. Film on youtube.
  2. Kraakmaraak – gnaef & youpie – 3mins – 2003 (cineac pietje bell). Film. Subs.
  3. Cops & Squatters – NN – 6mins – 2009? Film. Subs.
  4. Hans Pruijt visits the squatted bicycle workshop – 2mins – 2010 (VARA). The workshop still exists in 2016 but in another location. The clip is cut out of a longer piece on national TV about the criminalisation of squatting. Film. Subs.
  5. Rotte Boerderij – 2mins – 2012 – TV Rijnmond (local TV). Film. Subs.
  6. Tour de Squat – 20 seconds – Florian Cramer. Film. No subs. This won’t make much sense without a bit of context, provided by Amy at the film night. In 2008 there was a Tour de Squat in Rotterdam as part of the days of action in support of squats and autonomous spaces. Amy then later made a font out of representations of the squatted social spaces of Rotterdam. She did made a zine and did an exhibition at the Poortgebouw, documented in this clip. SqEK then did the 2016 conference based out of the Poortgebouw and someone used the font to make a wonderful poster. And so the circle became complete!
  7. Een Blok Stad – 2mins – 2010ish Film .Subs. This is a truly disgusting promo video for the gentrified block of Snellinckstraat / Zwaerdecroonstraat. See how squat chic is reappropriated!
  8. The eviction of the fietsenfabriek (bicycle factory) in 1984. Shots were fired by cops. This is an excerpt from a 30minute long look back by Cineac Noord made in the early 2000s. Film. Subs.
  9. The Emmahuis squat. This is a 5 minute excerpt from a longer film by Cineac about the Emmahuis, a beautiful building on the Schiekade. Film. Subs.
  10. To end up, we showed the full 30 minute short film made by Melle in 2000ish and called ‘Squatting in Rotterdam.’ This was shown at least twice by Cineac and it’s a fantastic film! Film. Subs.