Amsterdam: In-depth procedure against ADM

Also in in-depth procedure the judge concludes: plans insufficiently specific and realistic. January 7, 2016

Last summer the judge concluded that the plans presented by Chidda c.s. [=> Lüske’ heirs] for the ADM-terrain are insufficiently specific (verdict July 13th 2015). The municipally concluded the same on September 15th and again on December 10th 2015.
Now the judge of the in-depth procedure, a thorough procedure where every detail is investigated, draws the same conclusion.

AT5 published this article:
Residents of the ADM-terrain are allowed to stay for now.
Thursday 7th of January 2016 17:48

The residents of the cultural free-haven on the ADM-terrain do not need to fear an eviction for now.
The ADM-terrain, located in the West part of the harbour, is squatted since 1997. The owner started a court-case a year ago against the 130 residents, because a company would want to develop the terrain for ship demolition. (Read: Mayor lets residents ADM-terrain be for now.)
But yesterday the court decided the plans are not specific enough and therefore imply a risk the terrain would remain unused for a long time. The interest of the residents therefore weighs heavier, says the court.

About this verdict articles appeared in Het Parool, de Telegraaf, and in AD.

The verdict can be read in full here