Amsterdam: ADM – Lüske’ heirs commit fraud by tree-felling permit application

Again shoddy evidence by Chidda Lüske’heirss commit fraud by tree-felling permit

Last Thursday (January 28, 2016) Chidda C. S. again presented proof that was tampered with. Already before, crucial pages from an ecological report were made unreadable in an appeal against the municipally (10 dec 2015) and they withheld this important information in relation to the ecological value of the ADM from the environment department, who had to assess the permit for the felling of the trees and had specifically requested more information. Then Chidda hired another ecological bureau who were instructed to make a new report (19 jan) that suggests to make a summary of the previous report, but leaves out all the relevant conclusions and recommendations and presents completely other conclusions.

This is what the heirs of Lüske did in a court-case, where the residents of the ADM asked the judge to not allow the trees to be felled while the appeal against the permit to fell 470 trees in front of the gate is still going on.

On September 22nd, commissioned by Chidda, bureau Waardenburg wrote a report based on ecological research on the ADM-terrain. This report clearly made mention of a raptor-nest north of the warehouse on the terrain and a long-eared owl, who probably has a nest near the 2 houses and therefore possibly in the area that will be felled. Recommended is to conduct more research for the presence of year-round protected nests and the value of the forest as a foraging area for the bats among others. This report concludes that an exemption is needed before a permit to fell the trees can be granted.
Worth noticing is that page 1,3,4 and 9 of this report were scanned and made unreadable in the version Chidda presented to the court in the hearing on the 10th of December and it is exactly these pages that mention the raptor species and afore mentioned recommendations and conclusions concerning the felling of trees on the ADM.

On September 30 the environment department asked Chidda to provide more information in order to judge the request for a felling permit. In response to which Chidda replies that everything happens in consultation with bureau Mees, hereby suggesting that everything will happen according the applying rules and regulations.
The above mentioned however was concealed.

On Januari 19th Dresme and Vandervalk made a new report wherein 3 reports of bureau Waardenburg are mentioned and a map is shown, however the most important conclusions from these reports (and how Chidda dishonours these findings) are left out and they draw up their own totally new conclusion, namely (it is not hard to guess) that no ecological value would be lost in case the 470 trees are felled.

This report (January 19th) also includes pre-emptive conclusions:
-about the bats, while the bat-research is not yet completed;
-about the raptors, while Waardenburg only conducted research inside the ADM and not in front of the gate
-about the natterjack toad, while the research bureau Waardenburg conducted only took place at parcel 1 (not parcel 2, where the permit for felling also applies)

in short:
First we see Koole B.V., commissioned by Chidda, felling trees without any permit or exemption, in the middle of the birds’ breeding season, meanwhile attacking people of the ADM.
Then they were ordered to conduct ecological research, however Chidda completely ignores every recommendation from multiple reports of Waardenburg, conceals the decisive information from the municipally and switches to a different bureau for ecological research twice after, until they found one willing to type up what they want to hear.


– The photo of the long-eared owl is taken from the website

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