France: Against the airport and the Cop21 – Attacks in solidarity with the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes

While the multinational Vinci is an official partner of the “COP21 Solutions: Come live the climate experience” exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, providing two conferences there (one of which is co-presented by an executive director of Veolia), to explain to the public at which point their approach is “green”, sustainable and eco-responsible; its Airport of Grand Ouest subsidiary has just relaunched eviction procedures against all inhabitants of the ZAD, to be able to start building its “Environmentally High Quality” airport.

Faced with this obsession of concreting our living spaces, a group of paint-artists meanwhile decided in the night of Friday 4th to Saturday 5th December 2015 to cheerfully redecorate the gloomy greyish SOGEA Atlantique building, another of multiple Vinci subsidiaries, in Saint-Herblain [Nantes outskirts].

We hope that these new colours appeal to management and will tenderise their manners.

Furthermore, any civil engineering company wishing to see their local offices repainted by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, can send their application by responding to tenders from the Loire-Atlantique Prefecture.

We promise you a discreet night-time fulfilment for a result of the most beautiful effect.

Informal Artistic Federation / International Funny Front
“Extinguishers and Restoration of Facades” Commission (E.R.D.F)

via Contra Info & Nantes Indymedia

Angers: Solidarity action to the ZAD

During the day of Wednesday 9th December, tags were placed in the corridors facing the offices of GECCO (Vertebrate Conservation and Ecology Group) on the ground floor in building F of Angers science university.

It now reads “zad everywhere”, “research = collaborator”.

GECCO sends students onto the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes in order to conduct studies that will be included in an eventual “ecological offset” and other “relocation of species”. GECCO is used to giving scientific backing to the concreting project.

We won’t let them do so!

This was only a little paint, but this is just the beginning!

Note from Squat!net: GECCO sceientists were chased off the ZAD in May 2015.

via Contra Info & Nantes Indymedia, also in German

Another recent attack against the cop21

Toulouse: Incendiary attack against EDF for the COP21

In the night of December 6th, north of Toulouse, we burnt five EDF vehicles.

EDF is one of the COP21 partners. It’s also a state company seeking to introduce nuclear as a solution to the problem of climate change.

Nuclear is death, let’s destroy it’s sponsors!

We believe it’s important to attack the cop21 where it is: that is to say wherever there is profit and power.

We prefer the qualitative, complicity and surprise to the media and spectacle appointments with the state and its police riots.

With some fire lighters, a petrol canister and satisfied smiles, we humbly respond to the surveillance, fear and resignation that alienates us daily.

All Cops 21 Are Targets!
Always more petrol against the state (of emergency)!

Some torched ones

via Contra Info & Nantes Indymedia, also in Italian