London: Mass Action against property developers

London_Mass_Action_against_property_developersTenant evictions at record levels in England and Wales – London worst hit Worst shortage of affordable housing in history – Rough sleeping in London more than doubled over six years

The Property Awards are to be held on the 21st April at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. This is a callout to everyone who believes that property developers should not be congratulating each other for the profits they have made on the back of mass gentrification in London.

“The Awards will celebrate and reward excellence in 19 categories to the individuals and companies who have significantly impacted the property market in the past. The Property Awards are the UK’s leading and most prestigious annual Awards dedicated to the property industry.”

London is en route to becoming a playground for the rich elite – a process expedited by property developers. Assessing every possible opportunity for expensive, luxury flats to be built, property developers are buying up social and private housing and commercial spaces at all costs, to ensure considerable profit can be made. The social cost of this process is that poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable people/groups are being evicted, made homeless and/or are relocated, and important community spaces are disappearing.

They should not be patting themselves and each other on the back for their role in this process.


These companies do not care for the human and social costs of their projects. They care only for the profits they accrue, and London’s attraction to the global financial elite is leading them to convert living spaces, social amenities and community assets into soulless investment opportunities which serve none but a tiny, privileged minority.

They are contributing to rising rents and a shortage of social housing, to the closure of libraries and social centres, the demolition of pubs and clubs. They are complicit in a process of social cleansing, by which London is becoming off-limits to the families and communities that have lived here for generations, and built its reputation as the UK’s diverse and vibrant capital.


We will be gathering outside the Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane at 17:30 on Tuesday, 21st April, to send a single, clear message:

We reject the legitimacy of their power, or their right to earn profits from the gentrification of London.

We demand adequate affordable housing for all, and the democratisation of urban planning.

Reach out to your networks. Come prepared. Think creatively.

Contact: homos4homes [at] gmail [dot] com

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