Katowice (Poland): European Economical Congress means full hotels and empty houses

Last night in early morning hours [April 20th, 2015], police raided a house squatted by activists in Mariacka street, Katowice. The police used rubber bullets, smoke, and stunning granades. 21 people were beaten up and arrested (at least 3 people were taken to hospital). The poeple immediately started a hunger strike against their detention. According to the police, the people are accused of breaching domestic peace (in an empty building!). Solidarity picket took place at 13:00 in front of the cop station at Lompy 19, Katowice. In Poznan at 14:00 there was a solidarity picket in front of the Regional Police station, Kochanowskiego 2a.

Solidarity communique:

European Economical Congress in Katowice: full hotels, empty houses.
Antiterrorists fighting social change

Katowice. Another day of meetings for european elites. The subject is TTIP and hundreds of other anti-social programs, forced on people against their will. A group of anarchists and trade unionists who organize the Anticongress, together with the people that need a roof above their head, have squatted one of the the thousands of empty buildings, which after being ‘cleaned’ of the tenants awaits its demolition and transformation into an office building. On the front wall, a huge banner hung, saying ‘human capital resists!’ In the newly opened space, the ‘Alternative Economical Forum’ took place. The debates started on a different kind of economical politics, the kind that could reverse the trend of radical accumulation of wealth in the hands of few elites in Europe and the world. Our political line was set by the very act of squatting the empty building – for there is no sense in waiting and counting on the powers to change something for us – we alone can be the change. The most dangerous weapon is the disobedience towards the elites, who gets rich by our expense.

Towards the postulates of disobedience – moreover – putting them in practice, the powers have only one answer: naked violence. Antiterrorist squads armed with rubber bullets were sent against the people. The police was aiming at the people inside the building, they used smoke-grenades, and stunning grenades. Almost all the participants of the Alternative Economical Forum were brutally beaten up, many people are wounded, one person got an epilepsy attack. Everyone was taken into police vans.

The decision of such brutal pacification, that loud festival of violence that keeps company to the next day of Economical Congress enrages us, but doesn’t surprise us: handful of elite’s biggest fear is the disobedience itself – the last form of saying no to the illusion of ‘democracy’, inhumane and precarious working for this shit, that they feed us with cynism in their medias. On the other hand, what also the state can expect, while they lead to this enormous gap? When 80 people in the world have more than half of the human population, when people in this country literally rot from the credits they take to live decently?! Your antiterrorist armies are good for nothing. We won’t live a day longer in humiliation.

Solidarity with Katowice! We promise a revenge to every stab in a back of our friends.

The best support, that we are asking for in the name of the detained is everyday resistance and disobedience to the capitalists and their world.

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The solidarity communique in polish.