London: New week, new building

london_new_week_new_buildingNew week and a new building has been cracked open and occupied by Love Activists London, this is our fourth which we currently hold in and around Westminster.

Building number 15 is quite something else, three floors and a basement our initial plans are to use the space to outreach into the community and organise meetings, workshops and in general activism.

We have decided that the new building is to become a community hub only, staffed by live-in volunteers and activists and following very sadly months of dealing with homeless people who have brought with them many problems that we are unable or have the time to deal with, which in itself is a diversion from what we intended to do as a protest and campaigning group, it could be drink or drugs of some description or other and on top of being homeless, as one activist has said: “I’m not equipped to be a social worker”.

However, we will continue to provide a space wherever/whenever possible for homeless people in all our buildings. Just to add that we do have street homeless people living with us who are valued members and none of us could imagine being without them ever.

Conduit Street

The Occupation of Conduit Street continues into week three and despite an IPO order made in favour of Qatar Airways, we still refused to leave the building which has stood empty for the last four years and therefore still await the dreaded bailiffs, properly backed-up by the TSG.

Another update tomorrow comrades have a great evening…