Sivens (France): Demo on March 7th… save the Forest… Support ZAD Testet!

Act now… Don’t let the ZAD Testet die ! Demo March 7th

Come to save the Valley of Sivens, now or later on March 7, the day after the decision of the General Council of the Tarn !!!


ZAD the Testet, more alive, beautiful and angry than ever, is already condemned to death by all the powers (local, regional, centra) who all said it was necessary to “eliminate” the illegal occupation of the valley of Sivens by a bunch of “peluts”, “to anarcho-terrorism”, the “jihadist-greens”, “foreigners to the region”, the “drug-assisted”, “handled by experienced activists to sow disorder at home, etc.
The qualifiers which our enemies use are extremely diverse.


As always, the court ordered on 10 February, at the request of the General Council, the expulsion of the occupied plots and Monday, February 16 ordered the expulsion of the famous and delicious Metairie Neuve, for the third time will be in the camp of the Prefect (which receives its orders from Matignon).

He alone can trigger the sending of the security forces and the state of war that would result in the … ZAD and elsewhere during the eviction.

At our first meeting with him on February 15 at City Hall in Marssac dozen Zadistes present were able to speak and ask any possible questions in a pretty good mood, the Prefect is committed to respect the schedule decided by the Minister of Ecology, that there would be no expulsion before the final decision on the dam’s to be taken by the General Council of Tarn on March 6 in Albi.

The truce that the state has been forced to grant us after killing horribly our brother Rémi Fraisse, young lover and defender of Pachamama,  at age 21, on October 26, during the great Fall demo, is extended for a little extra months, but it leaves us no illusions. Our elimination is always set.

Having removed a beautiful rainforest with their death machines and under tear gas grenades, batons and firing flash-balls, after wounding many brothers and sisters to kill one of them the state is about to destroy the alternative village we built with rage, ardor and enthusiasm throughout the fall and early winter !!!

The fate of the ZAD Testet is in our hands. Faced with this future coup of the state, worthy of a fascist regime, we must come together as many as possible to defend and save this small but symbolic liberated territory !!!
Everyone will be very important because our numbers alone can make them back down and give up.imccages

Come to the Valley of Sivens, now or later on March 7, the day after the decision of the General Council of the Tarn !!!
While the widespread ecocide of our poor planet continues to intensify in the madness of the religion of growth, while authoritarian regimes continue to rise in most countries of the old decadent and opulent Europe it would be serious to give up the ZAD Testet and let the state off by force and repression the beautiful struggle sparks, love and freedom that shine in the Valley of Sivens for over a year right now !!!

It would be a cruel defeat after long and painful struggles and a sinister victory of their old world that never ceases to hurt while decomposing …
And against if we truly mobilize if many of us decide to go back to resistance, as the Zapatistas in Chiapas or Zadistes in Notre Dame des Landes, we can totally pull off a stunning victory that seriously boosts morale this sad and very troubling start of 2015 !!!

Since we have been millions take to the streets on 10 and 11 January to defend freedom of expression and thought, we must be thousands coming on the ZAD Testet to defend it! She will be attacked by the very people who initiated this republican march and marched first with all the Heads of State in Paris …….

Ne laissez pas la ZAD du Testet mourir, agissez !