Russell Sq, London: (A)nti-Social Centre successfully resists eviction, then evicted following morning

Update 28/11, 8am: After an urgent call for support, bailiffs gained access and evicted the space.

Update 27/11: Thanks everyone for making today possible. It was a great success if not a bit of a spectacle 🙂 The new place is incredible and we want to have it up and running and filled with events as soon as possible. Watch this space!! Decent homes for all!!!

Callout 26/11: The Anti-Social Centre is re-occupied territory. A radical space that is home to community organizing, such as the Radical Housing Network counter-conference to MIPIM, Anti-Fascism, squat-network dinners, fundraisers for Zapatistas, No Borders, and more.

The centre has also been home to over 40 people, including families and asylum seekers, throughout its life. A fight for the Anti-Social Centre is not only a fight for accessible housing, but a fight against the privatization of public space for private use.

The fight for the Anti-Social Centre is also a fight against colonialism and capitalism. 66-67 Guilford Street is owned by the Rothschild Trust Corporation Limited, a purchase made possible from a colonial past. In England, the Rothschild family funded Cecil Rhodes expedition to colonize Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and continues to manage Rhode’s estate of stolen goods from around southern Africa. Leaving land destitute in Zimbabwe, the Rothschild Trust now wants to create destitution – for people and land – in London. Aided by the criminlization of residential squatting (§144 LASPO), the state and private corportations make housing increasingly inaccessible.

From the metropolis to the colony, we continue to fight against the colonial theft of land and the unceasing accumulation of capital.

Tel: +44 7542 202659
E: antisocialcentre [at] riseup [dot] net

Thursday, 27 Nov
66-67 Guilford St

Russell Square tube station.



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