Amsterdam: Living group and neighborhood center thrown out for some anti-squatter artists? Confuciusplein court case

On September the 13th we squatted the spaces on Confuciusplein 6-8 and 14 in Slotermeer, Amsterdam West. We transformed these dilapidated spaces into housing and a lively meeting spot for locals. Our Neighbourhood centre ‘Pluk van de Senecaflat‘ opened with a free shop, film screenings, food nights, story telling events and workshops for children. A large group of neighbours opened a teahouse.

Housing corporation Stadgenoot left the spaces empty for several years, but now they want to evict us. To do so, they found two artists to sign a dubious anti-squat contract. This is one of many examples of how housing corporations continue to behave more like speculators instead of fulfilling their obligations in social housing.

This Wednesday, December the 3rd at 15.00, we are going to court to claim our right to this city. People should have access to affordable housing in Amsterdam without waiting for 15 years. This city is not just a fancy party for yuppies, and housing corporations should get back to the task they were created for: Affordable housing.

Come and support us in court:
Wednesday the 3rd of December 15.00
Parnassusweg 220 Amsterdam

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Pluk_van_de_Senecaflat_ Confuciusplein_14_Amsterdam_5

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