Amsterdam: Refugees demonstrating at Liberation Day, May 5ht


Refugees of action group WE ARE HERE protesting in Amsterdam to fight for freedom. Many people without papers are detained in detention centers or living in the streets. They don’t know how it is to be free and liberated. For us it is no Liberation Day. We are struggling to survive the repressive policy by politicians of the Dutch government like Teeven and the mayor of Amsterdam Van der Laan who don’t even acknowledge our basic human rights. We are locked up behind bars or forced to survive on nothing.

This is a day of freedom. Refugees of WE ARE HERE needs the same freedom as you have.
Until all are free no one is free! We want our rights. We want permission to stay!

Support our fight for our right
Join the March To Freedom may 18th – 19th Kehl / Strasbourg
European-wide bordercrossing by refugees and supporters