Brighton: 3 days stand-off at a squatted church


Just over a week ago, an interim possession order was served on a squatted church in Brighton. Deciding to resist the IPO, the squatters barricaded the building, and took to the roof in protest and a large group of people gathered outside.

A Banner was hung from the roof stating “The meek shall squat the earth” in reference to some religious nonsense found within the church, and a black flag was flown whilst the squatters maintained a presence on the roof for 3 consecutive days.

Out of the numerous police patrols that passed, one cocky sergeant decided to parade around the church and threatened that the police would return at 5am in the morning to evict the squatters.

Having successfully pissed off the squatters, the next police car to pass was subject to a hail of paint bombs and projectiles, as were the police as they fled their vehicles and set up a cordon around the church.

Shortly after, the squatters fled the church and a police helicopter was mobilised to pursue them. Three were subsequently arrested and all others escaped.

Upon entering the church, one copper was apparently hospitalised after discovering what the police described as a “man trap”.

Never give up! A.C.A.B.