Barcelona: Let’s combat Police State with local Self-defence

CanVies is an Occupied assembly run Social center, set in what was once a CNT Union Center 80 years ago, The occupation has lasted 17 years and has local support. In calling for ‘local defense’ against eviction the occupiers refer to the successful Gamonal community uprising in Burgos just 2 weeks ago. The evictions of 4 other Catalan social centers are coinciding in the next weeks…

We appeal to come and demonstrate to actively defend the streets, and from the local self-organization movement to defend the autonomous social center Can Vies – at any time the City Council could exercise their power of eviction – And also to defend all of the squatted social centers threatened in Catalonia… (the Carboneria Squatted Center (La Carbò), the Expropriated Bank of Gracia, the Popular Workers Center of the Eixample , the Gordíssima Occupied Autonomous Center (The Fattest One), the May Flower (Flor de Maig) and the House of Dreams (Casa dels Somnis) ) , as well as to slow down the progress of the Police State and the criminalization of social movements , and show support for the antifascist prisoners from January 28 , one still in custody .

On 29 January , the Supreme Court communicated the denial of appeal presented by CSA Can Vies before this body . With this new twist from the court it is left to the TMB , and in particular the City Council and that of Sants -Montjuïc , the decision to request the execution of the sentence , making the eviction effective .

Lets defend this Community Center with 17 years of history , which has become a social model in neighborhood and social movements in the city, as well as all the other self-managed social centers above threatened with eviction.

Threats against political dissent and the growing repression against the anti-capitalist social movements are the most obvious expression of the police state we live in .

For example nthe assault and search of Can Vies for more than 10 hours on January 29 in which the Catalan police smashed doors , walls , seized computer equipment and personal belongings , and took photographs recordings all the spaces . Meanwhile 25 vans of police occupied the neighborhood . Stop the repression and advancement of the police state .

Six antifascist activists were arrested on January 29 accused of participating in an alleged assault on eight neo-Nazis after they participated , on 12 October at the far right demonstration of ‘España en Marcha’ held on Montjuic. One of those arrested is in custody . We can not allow this criminalization or that fascism to be given carte blanche to demonstrate and threaten our neighborhoods. We demand the release of the imprisoned antifascist youth and the withdrawal of charges against detainees .

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