Bloomsbury, London: New squatted social centre opening tomorrow from Bank of Ideas

Free education movement: Free critical thought

The current system is in crisis, economically, ecologically, morally and in numerous humanitarian crises. This affects all of us.

Collectively we think that working in precarious conditions and being exploited for other’s profit is unacceptable. We want education accessible for everyone, independent from their social background and bank account. Tuition fees, often resulting in life long debt, and the privatisation of all public services can and should be fought.

We don’t want privilege in any form.
We want education to be:

Free from exploitation
Free from corporate dominance
Free from fees
Free from Austerity
Free from inequality
Free from state violence

This is a space to imagine and work towards a free world.
Come along, share and learn.

238 Gray’s Inn Road WC1X 8hp
freeeducationspace [at] gmail [dot] com

We don’t charge entry… :)

This is a space to imagine and work towards a free world.

Come along, share and learn.

Opening Day: Saturday 8th February

1pm – Education for Wage Slavery – Earthian Kvn

2pm – Austerity in the UK and Universities – Stephanie Blankenburg

3pm – Know Legal Rights on Protests – LDMG

4pm – Imagination, Education and the Neo-Liberal Lobotomy – David Graeber

7pm – Public Assembly: Experiences of Struggle, Another World is Possible

9-11pm – Jam Session – Al the Owl

What is the Bank of Ideas?

The Bank of Ideas came into being when the UBS headquarters building on Sun Street was taken over and opened as a political occupation.  During its 4 month occupation the Bank of Ideas hosted over 400 events ranging from political debate, comedy nights to direct action planning and preparation.

The Bank of Ideas now exists as an online community supporting alternative spaces that strengthen radical social movements in London.


Creating Alternative Spaces for Building & Strengthening Solidarity across struggles, Radical Education, Agitation and Organising