Reinickendorf, Berlin (DE): Funeral of Rosemarie Fliess on Friday 26th in the Jerusalem Cemetery

Two days after being “force” evicted from her house in Berlin, the 67 year old Rosemarie Fliess died Thursday 11th of April 2013. The Alliance “Prevent Eviction calls for the funeral participation. It is a normal funeral. Following the funeral there will be a picnic in honor of Rosemarie Fliess on Blücherplatz. There we will eat together and exchange ideas. Bring food and flowers! Rosemarie was desperate and knew that she would lose her home. Ever since the protests for family Gülbol  she was in the middle of events for fighting for tenants rights. They protested against the eviction of the family Gülbol also on the day of eviction. She attended, with many others, the court hearing of the Linien street 206, a threatened house project. During the evacuation in the Reuterstr. 2 she sat in front of the house to block, even though she was already very weak.
Rosemarie announced that she could not continue to live in the event of an eviction. The eviction did finally break her. Court, landlords, police, social services all have driven the eviction forward. None of them took care of how the situation would be for her after the eviction.
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