Greece: Athens Indymedia and 98FM are back online

The following statement was issued by the Occupiers:

 Athens.indymedia and 98fm radio are emiting RIGHT NOW throught NTUA s occupied  rector.  Athens imc collective called people to come over  to the university now “Those who consider themselves as being solidarious with counter-information projects  are invited to support us with  their physical presence  to intervene so as to keep those projects to emit through their physical space, as much as this is possible” the two media that were targeted by the state repression (through the intervention of the rector Simopoulos) from April 11, managed to emit because of the decisive action of solidarity.
 For the same reason, a solidarity march/ demonstration will take place, starting from Monastiraki square, on Thursday the 25th of April at 18:00
We will win

Athens imc and 98fm online from squatted rector of NTUA