Bristol (UK): Overnight rooftop protest averts eviction of Braggs Lane squat

The squat at Bragg’s Lane / West Street in Old Market, Bristol, was on the night of Monday 4th besieged by cops as part of an illegal aviction attempt. After an overnight rooftop protest and negoitation, possession was then regained by 6pm the following day.

See below the updates from ‘braggs lane rooftop climbing club’ from Tuesday 5th for more information on their inspiring eviction resistance:

1pm: thank you for the warm food an drinks, tent and blankets, we wouldn’t have made it through the night without them.
we’re still on roof, have had sporadic visits from police but they wont approach as they deem our position too dangerous.

first chance they get the police will arrest us, probably on suspicion of criminal damage. we have the building though and would like people to occupy it.

more later ina bit x

6pm: Again a big thank you for all the good kind folk that dropped by and showed support, also local residents and passers by, it was invaluable.

After talking with our respected and reputable local solicitor we have agreed to make a statement as voluntary witnesses to Trinity station this Thursday. We were told that no arrests would be made when we attend.

We now have been left in physical possession of the property and are still here. We are making contingency plans for continued safe occupation of the property for when we attend Trinity.

Again a very big thank you to all that supported, this seems to of worked.

Sunday 10th March Update

Just to update you about what’s going on and how we’re doing at Braggs.

We attended Trinity police station on Thursday with our legal representative to make statements as voluntary witnesses, no comment statements were given and we were told that in all likely-hood no further action will be taken regarding the alleged criminal damage charges.

In reply to “its not about being homeless” your assumptions about our circumstances are incorrect, you could go and chat with the neighbours about who we are and what we’re about to find out for yourself.

It is very much about being homeless, about squatting in residential properties being criminalised, about increasing cutbacks to essential services for the homeless, about further cutbacks to housing benefits in April for many who can ill afford their rents at present.

Its about a lot of things, about Avon and Somerset police using criminal damage charges to clear empty commercial properties then dropping all charges, a form of illegal eviction.

The increasing poverty many are enduring is not going away any-time soon and neither are the homeless.