France: Rumors of upcoming eviction in the ZAD

UPDATE (Sept 9. 2012): Calm end of the week. It was a false alert.

Journalists sources claim that CRS (anti-riot police) are gahering around Nantes. They claim that might be linked to evictions for the airoprt project.

Since monday the 3rd of septembre, people taking part of the struggle recieved journalists calls stating that 3 CRS compagnies arrived in Nantes. This information would come from the Préfecture (local state representative). They concluded that it might be related to evictions on the ZAD. Another journalist said that before the end of the week, all people that are not included in the aggrement that have been got after the hunger strike would be kicked out of the area. However, this journalist didn’t want to cite her sources, so it might be only a rumor.

We called the bailifs in charge of the evictions in the area. The persons that answered us said that they didn’t have any information.

We also contacted another journalist who said that a lot of cops had been called to Nantes at the end of last week to do evictions, but that the operation had been cancelled.

All this might just de rumors, press buzz or failed attempt from the Prefecture. But it might also be a true threat, so we pass you the info.

As a reminder, there is currently 10 evictable houses, 8 occupied places have their courtcase of their delays still going on and a lot of land occupation are in an unclear juridical situation.

In case of eviction, would they happen next week, in two months of in two years, any resistance initiative is welcome!

[published on the ZAD website]