Amsterdam: Reclaim the neighbourhood

't Blijvertje

Demonstration, Sunday October 30th, 14.00 @ ‘t Blijvertje, with music, speeches, food and a mobile exhibition we speak out to stop the demolitionpolitics and to preserve a fun, diverse and affordable neighbourhood. In 2007, ‘t Blijvertje, a little neighbourhood centre situated in a squatted apartment at the Third Oosterparkstraat opened its doors. This action marked the beginning of a long campaign against the demolition of social housing, the displacement of tenants and the demolition of beautiful buildings.’t Blijvertje will soon be evicted, like many other buildings in the East. Where in ‘t Blijvertje the battle is fought, other buildings will be evicted for speculation and vacancy. In Swammerdamstraat, Vrolikstraat and Linnaeusstraat owners are rewarded for years of such speculative vacancy and the illegal taking of properties on the social stock. More generally, it seems the government no longer takes responsibility to protect tenants and to give house seekers a place to live. Time after time owners may break the rules without any further intervention while those who defend themselves against them are addressed.

For ’t Blijvertje resistance was always fun. It’s not just about having a roof over your head but also to preserve a fun and diverse neighbourhood. Therefore we organize a colourful demonstration through the neighbourhood where residents share their experiences on urban renewal and neighbourhood change. There are bands, samba and a mobile exhibition.

Get involved! 30th of October, ‘t Blijvertje, third Oosterparkstraat 64h