Turin (Italy): Four squats searched, three people arrested and others to house arrest

May 12th, 2010

Waiting for news, we communicate that, around 6am of the morning, the Digos [political police] has searched many occupations (Asilo, Barocchio, Mezcal, Askatasuna) and houses, arresting three people, notifying some house arrests (it seems they’re four people) and to others, the requirement to sign in at the local police station. The repressive operation it’s a revenge for the riots occurred on the eviction of L’Ostile [last december], the restricted measures are emaned by PM Rinaudo. There’s a public assembly today afternoon at Mezcal squat to organize future iniziatives.

For live updates listen to Radio Blackout, 105.2 FM in Turin and http://stream.teknusi.org:8000/blackout.mp3 [Read More]

Barcelona: European squat meeting, from june 17th to 20th 2010

Under the motto of “Present, Past and… Future??? of Squatting in Europe”, some squat collectives of Barcelona organize a meeting the 17, 18, 19, and 20 of june to debate about historical, political and legal aspects of this movement in a european perspective.

So this is a calling to all collectives, projects or houses across Europe who are interested in participate to come and give an own view of your experience and situation in your city or country. In the development of the meeting, simultaneous translation equipment will be provided to everyone.

The meeting will be held in the “CSO La Forsa” (Avenida de la Fama 41, Cornella de Llobregat – Barcelona).

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Athens: In critical and suffocating times (TPTG)

The Ta Paida Tis Galarias (The Children of The Gallery) group report on the recent demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures, including the events leading to the tragic deaths of three bank workers and its implications for the movement of opposition.

What follows is a report on the demo of the 5th of May and the one that followed the day after and some general thoughts on the critical situation the movement in Greece is in at the time being. [Read More]

Athens: Several places raided by the police…

May 6th, 2010

Names of the dead announced; bank workers strike today in memory; police launch unprecedented attacks in Athens




The names of the three bank workers who died in the Marfin bank branch that was set alight have been announced. They are Paraskeui Zoulia, 35; Aggeliki Papathanasopoulou, 32 and Epameinondas Tsakalis, 36.


We are all very shocked and saddened by their tragic deaths and it is extremely hard to keep on reporting from here in Athens. However, the events unfolding are so crucial that it is important to do so. In brief:

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Athens: Statement by the Skaramanga squat regarding today’s events – The murderers “mourn” their victims

May 5th, 2010

The statement below was issued a few hours ago by the anarchist squat of Skaramanga and Patision in Athens:

The murderers “mourn” their victims
(Regarding today’s tragic death of 3 people)

The enormous strike demonstration which took place today, 5th of May turned into a social outflow of rage. At least 200,000 people of all ages took to the streets (employees and unemployed, in the public and private sector, locals and migrants) attempting, over many hours and in consecutive waves, to surround and to take over the Parliament. The forces of repression came out in full force, to play their familiar role – that is, of the protection of the political and financial authorities. The clashes were hours long and extensive. The political system and its institutions reached a nadir.

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