Erfurt (Germany): Squat evicted on 16th April. Factory demolished.

The squat in Erfurt/Germany was located at the area of the former company Topf & Söhne. During the period of National-socialism in Germany this company produced crematories as well as parts of the gas chambers for concentration- and extermination camps like Buchenwald and Auschwitz. In the early hours of 16th April 2009 the squat in Erfurt was evicted. The eviction started around 6 am with cops rappeling from helicopters to some roofs of the squatted area. At the same time they broke into the backside of the area with a special tank and demolishing gear. The eviction was lead by the SEK (a special force of the german police), with the use of teargas. In the upper floor of the squat some persons who were chained to a concrete block could delay the eviction for some time. Around 9.30 am all people had been removed from the squatted area. All the people from the area and the people from a sitting blockade in front of the squatted area were arrested. All of them were released in the next day, but there will surely be charges against them. Immediately after the eviction all buildings on the squatted area were destroyed – so now what’s left of our squat is a heap of ruins. All other historical buildings on the non-squatted part of the area had been destroyed in the last months before the eviction. Now the former administration building is the only building which is left and should become a historical place.

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Poznan: Rozbrat solidarity day

As Collective Rozbrat we’ve agreed to anounce that *6th of May* will be the day of solidarity with Rozbrat squat. We want to have to before the demo on the 9th so that those of you who are coming can do actions locally and also we want to present them on Saturday demo.

Spread the word please.

Invitation to the 9th May demo in Poznan:


Copenhagen: Dortheavej-61 and history of Ungdomshuset

14/3-09 – New website finally up and running!

In the english section of the website, we will post information about the house, pictures and news!

The banner:

How does it work?

In order to maintain a true alternative, it is evident to confront those who violates others freedom. Therefore we have 5 simple guidelines that we expect everyone in the house to respect at all times. These are as follows:
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Reykjavík: This is what we call solidarity!

Anarchists Squat in the Center of Reykjavík …

Last Thursday, 9th of April, an empty house in the center of Reykjavík was squatted by Icelandic anarchists. The house has been empty for over a year and is only one of many houses that are owned by a construction company that plans to tear down all it’s old houses and replace with big shopping and office center.

When inside the house, the squatters cleaned a part of the house and opened it up for an opening party. Food was served, music played and talks given on the ideas behind squatting. The party was well attended and met with positive reactions by the guests, including the neighbours.
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Poznan (Poland): Rozbrat stays! demo on 9th May

When the dark clouds over Rozbrat squat have become a real threat we decided to organize a first (but probably not the last) demonstration in defence of our space. As some of you may already know, things around Rozbrat’s future started happening – the bank, the court, the auction. We will not wait passively, it’s high time we showed our presence in the city, in its streets.

The city authorities, against their own declarations, don’t want to let Rozbrat stay, they don’t support the place nor the cause. The words said by the vice president of Poznan when he met with us don’t allow us to think in an optimistic way: there’s no space for us where we are now, there’s no space for us in the city centre, maybe there would be something in the outskirts, but this comes with no concrete proposal… so basically it comes with nothing. The city politics are clear – throw out everything what is different, unprofitable, what is not fitting in the commercial image of Poznan, they want to clear the centre so that it becomes an unlimited shopping mall.

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