Amsterdam: Discussion on anti-squat practice in Molli

Discussion/brainstorm evening “fucking anti-squat” Friday the 3rd of April 20.30 in Molli, van Ostadestraat 55hs, Amsterdam

Recently a number of squats have been evicted only to be filled with anti-squat. At first the evictions came about due to a 429 decision, or a flimsy and/or vague renting contract. The house won’t be used and anti-squat got put in. Recently it seems that, now that evicting on 429 has been put on hold some judges are open to rule to evict on even more dubious grounds like in this case, and other cases on an anti-squat contract. We oppose this because the buildings are not put to proper use but become almost empty again with the minimal occupation by only a few anti-squatters, while if they remained squatted, many more people could live in and make use of the space. Also it seems almost as if the courts consider an anti squat contract to be considered use. This is why we wanted to organize a discussion/brainstorm evening to formulate plans relating to this fucked up practice, addressing not only the real estate owners, but also the juridical system, and the politicians, whose actions and decisions seem only to favour the anti-squat business. We also want to use this evening to formulate ideas, plans, and campaigns, against the anti-squat agencies. You want to do something about anti-squat? Then this is your chance! This discussion/brainstorm evening is the first in a row about squatting related issues. Evenings about article 429 and the looming threat of the law for a ban on squatting will follow.