Amsterdam: Info & discussion about Gentrification on 28th March

What is gentrification? And why does it occur? Is gentrification just an academic concept or is the notion also of use to activists?

In this session we present some activist and academic understandings of gentrification. We investigate how gentrification evolved in the last couple of decades around the world and in Amsterdam. More specifically we want to show how the policies of the government of Amsterdam contribute to gentrification and how these policies undermine the idea of a just city. What is the role of housing corporations and private developers?

How does “splitsen” affect gentrification? The immediate goal is to arrive at a better understanding of the process of gentrification but ultimately our goal is to stop the process.

Date: Saturday 28 of March 2009 at 16:00

Location: the new squatted Socail Center in Amsterdam Center (close to central station) / De Ruyterkade 153-157

Vegan Voku will be served at 7pm

Indy NL