Amsterdam: New Social Center in Amsterdam/Centrum squatted… Reclaim the city!

Today the 21 of march we squatted Piet Heinkade 2 and De Ruyterkade 153-157 on “het Ij” which are part of the recently built bridge on the level of the Muzikgebouw behind Central Station. Those two spaces have been remained empty and unused since their construction or rather the construction of the bridge in 2004. The owner of the whole complex is the City Amsterdam, but the 2 squatted places are additional owned by Woningcooperatie Ymere. We are planning to use the space as an autonomous social center, where workshops, info evenings, movy evenings, peolpe’s kitchen, bar, bike repair shop, library and distro, silkscreening and many more activities will take place (see the programm for the first week below).

…we are fighting for self organized spaces, that can be freed of the political, social and cultural conformity brought by enforced capitalist compliance…(based on representation and compromise)… …but, now more than ever, our desires are being attacked by the authorities… …the city is mainly concerned with increased security measures and control… the planning of urban space is always dominated by the needs of the rich and structured in order to maintain social control… and…we the ones who don’t fit into and fight against these plans, by choice or by circumstances, are the ones being fucked over, evicted and excluded by this policy… …we don’t want that freedom and autonomy be granted to us by our enemies, which would mean to compromise on their terms. …We want to create possibilities of genuine face to face interaction as a way of opposing the system that surveills, normalizes, codes and controls us. … This is why we want to use squatted places as a tool in the first practical steps to exist on our own terms and to brew resistance against the capitalist system protected by laws, government and cops. These spaces are points from which some of our contribution to social struggle can develop, sharpen and grow. And where we can begin to live and understand how much this system of control over our lives is only repressing the possibilities of liberated social interaction and action, therefore useless to us, and must be attacked, destroyed!!!

“what distinguishes it (the practice of self organization) from politics is its opposition to representation and compromise- not just with the ruling order, but within the movement itself”


there will be every day, daycafe and peoples kitchen and of course theres allways people welcome to help building, occupying, donating food, cigarettes, and building materials proposals for activities and projects are also welcome! for information or proposals you can reach us on 06 44812881

after squatting, voku, bar and bands: land of anarchia, “nn” , caspian hat dance and cash brothers, plus balkan disco dj

SUNDAY Afternoon (+-15.00) :

silkscreening learn how to silkscreen!

instrument building workshop make your own instrument out of recycled materials, such as oil canisters, wooden sticks, tiers etc bring your own materials to be sure there’s enough

voku (20.00) antifa avond Bar-evening with mobilisation info for the Antifa Demo in Stolberg,

doku-screening about Blood n Honour and Neo Nazi networks, merchadise and info stand


alternative media day (programm starts at 15.00): discussions, workshops and movies about strategies and benefits of using alternative media.

voku (20.00), then film and bar

TUESDAY Install Fest (starts at 15.00)

Install linux on your Destkop/Laptop. Quick and easy workshop introducing the world of liberated software. How to install, configure and use your Linux operating system (ubuntu), add/remove applications etc. Requirements: Bring your computer (screens, keyboards, mouse are provided) WARNING! make a backup of your data before in case of forced disk format or data loss

also: silkscreening

Evening (20.00) : soup globalization night: Talk and discussion on G-20 related subjects including the role of the World Bank and the European Investment Bank

info on X minus Y: the X minus Y Solidarity Fund is an independent fund that has been supporting groups and organisations all over the world for almost 40 years.

movy about civiel disobedience and globalisation


WEDNESDAY Afternoon (15.00) : human climbing: learn how to climb other people (human towers). We will use the traditional Catalan Castells technique

photography: build your own pinhole (hand made camera) with recycled materials, experiment with its first pictures, and develope it in the black and white lab.

dancing: dancing workshop

Evening (20.00) : voku & Games Night, poker, muzz, hosen obe, spin the bottle, truth or dare and last but not least the much anticipated !Revolutionary Super Quizz! if u want, bring also your own game


THURSDAY Afternoon (15.00) : Intervention in public space Street Art stencil & adbusting workshop: Reclaim the city with your own art and actions. Learn how to produce stencils, alter advertisments and plan your own actions. Radical T-shirt art and stand by DIY Shop&Gallery Amsterdam (below Fort van Sjakoo, Jodenbreestraat)

voku (20.00)

radical hiphop bar Stylewars Doku DJs, MCs and Beatbox Graffiti Flavour movies

FRIDAY Afternoon (15.00):

Internet safety/Encryption workshops: Workshop on basic knowledge for using internet safely. the difference between clear browsing and encrypted browsing, and OTR (encryption protocol for Instant Messaging). introduction to GPG (Gnu Pretty Guard), a system that allows people to encrypt and sign data and communications. Creating keys and encrypting your private data. Disk Encryption. Practical workshop teaching you how to encrypt data on your harddisk (true crypt, LUKS, dm-crypt, loopAES). Requirements: Bring usb sticks to store gpg encryption keys, Bring your computer (make backup of your private data just in case).


voku (20.00)

“Nada in cambio di Nada” – Nothing for Nothing: infoevening about money and monetarism

punk bar

SATURDAY Afternoon (15.00) :

different talks, presentations and discussions about Gentrification

The landless peasant movemnt of Brazil (MST): information about the biggest squatting movement in the world

voku (20.00) bar and bands: The Afwassers, hc punk-rock, A’damned + others still to be announced vj’s and dj’s

SUNDAY Afternoon: breakfast

go to squatting actions

voku (20.00)

movies: die edelweisspiraten and doku about the Angry Brigade

Ksu-Center BarNightsu center bar

Indy NL