Berlin: 5000 people on the streets

15.03.2009 The police estimated that 2500 people attended the demo (on 14th March) but the organisers claimed the the actual number was twice that. The demonstration started in Hermannplatz and moved slowly through Kreuzberg, across the river and into Friedrichshein. Towards the end some people shot fireworks of a roof and did a banner drop. The police tried to enter the building at which point people started fighting the police shaking the nearby police van and throwing rocks. After this many masked up, dug cobblestones from the streets and broke away from the demo, attacking police cars and normal cars and a McDonalds. After the McDonalds was attacked with paintbombs and rocks a police car was overturned on the intersection of Warschauer Straße and Frankfurter Allee. About 10 people were arrested and two people were injured-possibly seriously.

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