Berlin: Yorckstrasse 59 evicted

The project Yorckstrasse 59 in Berlin was evicted on June 6th 2005, at 4.30 in the morning. 60 people aged from 0 to 43, among them 11 children, lived in this former factory building and the Anti-racist Initiative (ARI), the radio Onda, the Latin American information service Poonal, and other groups had their office there. It was a space for many more emancipatory activities. The people from Yorckstrasse and many others in Berlin and elsewhere fought for the project that was founded 17 years ago, demanding a political solution instead of an eviction.
Many groups and people carried out solidarity events before and protests after the eviction, for instance in Uruguay, Poland and Austria.
On the morning of the eviction, about 250 activists sat in front of the entrance to the Yorckstr. 59 courtyard and building. The police removed the blockade with unnecessary violence. They dragged 150 people out of the house. In the evening after the eviction, there was a huge protest joined by about 2500 people or more. Another building was squatted but several hundred policemen fenced off the building.

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