Warsaw: Police attack on Fabryka squat

About 8pm, in front of our building appeared police patrol car. It’s not an extraordinary situation, so apart from informing my mates I didn’t care about it at all. After 20 minutes prisoner van came and the policemen started breaking into the building. They even didn’t try to talk to us. We usually don’t let police in, and they are aware of it. When we noticed what was going on we started informing our mates and press. We live on the first floor. The entrance to our flat constitute metal Door and a valve. When they broke through the first door on the ground floor I called police officer and told him about it. Apparently, the patrol that came after my notification actually helped the rest instead of confirming the authenticity of my notification. After approximately 30 minutes they managed to get to the valve. We have recorded the conversation \uffff between one of us and the police. [an excerpt: Please give your identification number, or show us search warrant , (policeman) I’ll show you this fucking search warrant as soon as I meet you on the street, buddy. Nice, huh?] After some time they realized that we were recording this talk, and They ordered us to let them in otherwise they’d call fire brigade to help them enter our flat. We asked about search warrant once again or giving identification numbers but as they didn’t want to give it, we didn’t open the valve. After 30 minutes fire brigade came. At first they tried to break into using crowbars. As they didn’t manage to get in, they decided to use a hack saw. When we heard what they were going to do, some people lied down on the valve. We informed firefighters about it and asked them to stop because they may hurt someone. [Their answer- So be careful guys, it will shake you a bit! ] They started to strike the wall with the hammers and lever the valve with crowbars at the same time. In the meantime we started to barricade- we placed on the valve furniture and container with propane- butane (we also informed them about it). Suddenly someone who wanted to defend us started pouring them with water, as a result of it the hack saw stopped working.

Then police flew gas through view finder, and we escaped to the rooms. After 10 minutes the police got in and started beating people with truncheons, kicking those who were lying, kneeing on their backs, kicking their genitals, pulling their hair, threatening and offending. People put in handcuffs were pulled downstairs. They surrounded us in front of the building so that we couldn’t communicate. Some people, including those who had come here, were placed in prisoner van. The police searched our flat, and despite requests didn’t allow us to see a doctor. Our pregnant friend, who wasn’t inside the building- she had come here during the action, was knocked down and kicked by a policemen. Everyone who saw it were shouting: Stop it, she is pregnant! but he ignored it. (The girl is in the hospital at the moment.) We weren’t accused of anything, but at the police station we were searched and we had our pictures and fingerprints taken. (I didn’t want to let them do it, so I was kept there until late at night). Finally they let us go (everyone except two teenage girls, we don’t know what is happening with them now). When we came back home, we saw broken furniture threwn around, someone had stolen beer and threwn food around, besides they peed on the floor. We don’t know anything about present situation of the two teenage girls. They were neither kept at the police station, nor transported to any institution dealing with juvenile delinquents. (we were looking for them). The policeman who attacked the pregnant girl additionally offended her in the ambulance. She is still in the hospital, she started feeling contractions.