Portugal: New squat in Lisbon

the squatter write:

‘A new house has been squatted in Lisbon. two years after the evicition of the casa encantada da praça de espanha and after inumerous failed attempts a new squat has been opened by a number of collectives working together. The building is a an ancient high school that was owned by a charity insitution and is now in the hands of a private that is waiting for the city hall approval his project to then sell the house for luxury apartmentes. among the activities already planned are Physical exercise and Kung Fu classes, cinemas and restaurant, a cabaret, etc… as well as providing working and meeting space for numerous collectives acting on different subjects. The Adress of the squat is Rua do Passadiço nº 26 Lisboa, tube station avenida, and everyone is invited’

send your greetz to: rbannihil [at] hotmail [dot] com



Grenoble, France: A Minatec’s crane has been occupied on monday december 13th

Since 8 o’clock this morning [monday decembrer 13th, 2004], a group is occupying a Minatec’s building site’s crane, in order to interrupt the construction for a day. The occupiers, supported by demonstrators on the ground, have unrolled a banner against nanotechnologies (« here the industry of totalitarianism ») and distributed some tracts to the passers-by, calling them to join them fast.

Over with Minatec (before it starts)
…or why we’re climbing up Minatec’s cranes while they’re building it.

Minatec will be, provided nothing unexpected happens, Europe’s most important research, teaching and implementation center on nanotechnologies. It seems that most people are bound to ignore to some extent how much social and urban harms due to the existing Grenoble’s technopolis are bound to get worse: creation of an Isère Silicon Valley, fast increase of rents and trafic jams, soaring prices, mass arrivals of executives drawing away the poors to the suburbs… However, local authorities keep putting forward the fact that « this future european innovation center, designed by people involved in research and teaching, as well as local authorities, is already internationally famous1. » But, politically, socially, what does this Minatec project imply?

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New squat in Belgrade!

The comrades write:

Hi !

After we got kicked by junkies from the last squat in Dobracina street, we squatted a new building in Kralja milutina 18. The website is http://www.kudruc.co.sr/

The new squat is better then the old one, and we have electricity, water, and some program. Although most ppl come to drink and get high. So i think its a gathering place of a new activism here in Serbia. We are next to caffe called Dzkc, in the centre of the city, and next to us live some roma pple they squatted the building next to us too. So if u wish to come to sleep,to do the workshop or eat for free you are welcome, just send an email before u come, that would be nice at :
kudruc [at] yahoogroups [dot] com [Read More]

Dead end of the Klizma squat

The last plans for the squat Klizma was to accommodate all guests at the anarchist festival “Black Petrograd-04”. This turned out to be too complicated. During the week before the festival the house was daily raided by local cops. Some people staid there, but only at night time, and it was not possible to leave anything at the squat.

Beside the local cops, the squat was already widely known amongst petersburg nazis. While the squat existed nazis often got beaten by antifascists, specially near Narvskaja metro station (the nearest metro to the squat). A few days before the anarchist festival the squatters were treatened by an attack from nazis, but most of them believed that it was just the usual rumors.

7th November 2004 10 drunk nazis attaced the squat, but couldn’t enter. The squatters fought them at the entrance. The nazis where burned by Molotov coctails and boiling water. One squatter got injured to his face by a broken bottle.

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