Dead end of the Klizma squat

The last plans for the squat Klizma was to accommodate all guests at the anarchist festival “Black Petrograd-04”. This turned out to be too complicated. During the week before the festival the house was daily raided by local cops. Some people staid there, but only at night time, and it was not possible to leave anything at the squat.

Beside the local cops, the squat was already widely known amongst petersburg nazis. While the squat existed nazis often got beaten by antifascists, specially near Narvskaja metro station (the nearest metro to the squat). A few days before the anarchist festival the squatters were treatened by an attack from nazis, but most of them believed that it was just the usual rumors.

7th November 2004 10 drunk nazis attaced the squat, but couldn’t enter. The squatters fought them at the entrance. The nazis where burned by Molotov coctails and boiling water. One squatter got injured to his face by a broken bottle.

Next night there where only 6 people left at the squat. At the evening they heard somebody outside, but didn’t open the doors and barricades. This night it was not nazis, but cops, who wanted to enter the squat. Lacking other ideas how to enter, they set the entrance door on fire and waited until it burned down. The squatters where sitting in a far end room with open windows, but still got lung injuries due to the thick smoke. Finally the cops entred the squat where they found the squatters and start beating them, demanding their passports. Eventually the squatters where taken to hospital for few days because the smoke.

Afterwards the cops explained all this for journalists, as if they where walking with their dog, when they noticed fire at the so called empty house. They phoned firemens, who found the squatters and took them to the hospital.

I suppose there are no squatter left, who want to return to this house – it’s totally smashed again, and the squat was too well known among nazis and cops and so on. But people already search for new empty houses…