Ljubljana: End of court process between AC Molotov and its owner

Autonomna Cona Molotov is a squat in Ljubljana, which it’s owner – Slovenian Railway Company (SRC) wanted to illegally evict at 7.11.02. They used private security company and we were kept 2 weeks in the house. The place itself is very easy to evict, because it’s one floor house, so we took the legal way – court. We got the lawyer from NGO Mirovni Institut and PIC. They also covered the expenses on the court. The goal was to charge the police, G7 (security company) and SRC. But as we all know, court takes lots of money. As we lost media popularity, we also lost our financial supporters. They decided to pay only until new year. This would mean, we would have to defend ourselves alone on the court and would have to pay enormous expenses of the court. And better not to mention that the lawyer was working only for money, he didn’t even answer the phone for us.

So, we decided to stop the court process and to make an agreement with SRC. We signed the contract which says we have to go out until 7.11.03 and have permission to connect water and electricity again. We demanded they cover the expenses of water connection, because they cut off the pipes during the eviction, but they refused. It is also not sure, we will go out at 7.11.03, because we can again use the court, write complaints and the process will be establish again. With that, we can keep the house for some time again.Anyway, we are looking for new house, because of inner problems and pressure from outside. We want to get rid of the name Molotov, which is used in media as every alternative organization, movement etc., even as terrorist organization (in Italy, before protests in Firenze). We hope to move in new house after winter, if not…see you at next eviction at 7.11.03!!!

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