London: radical dairy not evicted yet

The Radical Dairy in Hackney, London was in court Monday 13th but the case was posponed. The Dairy has been going for over a year and we it was important to us to try to make links with people living locally (doesn’t happen much in London ‘cos everyone is so paranoid and alienated.) We had a lot of successes in this area with loads of flowers outside and tables where we would bring people cups of tea. We were doing well with kids DJ workshops and free computer access for the local bairns but the police soon put a stop to this dangerous activity by getting the electricity cut off. Since then we have been very cold but we have been doing cafes, free cinema and various benefits- for the Zapatistas, people arrested in Strasburg No Border camp, etc etc. We had an anti queens Jubilee street party with everyone dressed as dead princesses. We carried on with our Yoga classes, English classes for immigrants etc as best as we could by candlelight. The locals have been brilliant, coming out in the street and abusing the police whenever they hassle us- this NEVER happens in England (in my lifetime anyway.) So for the moment we’re still here. Anyone passing through London, come and visit us at 47 Kynaston Rd N16.

Good luck to everyone squatting everywhere in the world & keep the crowbar flying.

millie kennedy <bartvanzetti [at] yahoo [dot] com>