Amsterdam: Eviction by 150 riot police

On Monday 26th June 2000, the squatters of the Swammerdam neighbourhood in East Amsterdam were finally evicted by a massive police operation costing 600,000 guilders (180,000 British pounds). We can only presume this was necessary because 50 people living together communally, running a non-profit bar and infocafe, creating community garden space from derelict wasteland – in fact living together as a COMMUNITY – is nowadays considered just too dangerous and undesirable. [Read More]

Barcelona: Encounters for exchange, play and work



The Centre Social Okupat Torreblanca is placed in an old masia (country house) in Sant Cugat del Vallès (by train, 20 minuts from Barcelona). The place was occupied in March 1999. Since then an alternative, rebel, open project has been built. Activities and campaignes have been develpoped, lots of people broought in their creativity. These people rythm has absolutely changed the building: before it was just ruins, and now… [Read More]


Ortuella (Euskadi): New squat La Gotera

4 people have just squated an old house in Ortuella (the street is called Catalina Jibaja), in Euskadi.

Neighbours are really friendly and there´s no stress with the police… Guauuuu!

Demo in Barcelona (17/6) against police power

39 squatters are taken to court on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of june. The demo this last weekend was to protest against it and also against the eviction of the ex-cinema Princesa in Barcelona.

There is a call for action in front of the court these days. Make as much noise as you can! There will be theather, music and whatever you bring…

Amsterdam: Food not cops!

On Friday 16th June 2000, the squatters of Swammerdam neighbourhood invited local neighbours and other Amsterdam squatters for a ‘breakfast on the square’ from 6 in the morning. This was to greet the police who were expected to come to “see if we were gone”. Of course we weren’t!! Only one local policeman turned up but sadly did not join us for breakfast (anyway, he was too late – he didn’t come until 2pm). [Read More]


Zaragoza: Reclaim the Streets

Last saturday, 10th of june, several riots took place in Zaragoza against cars in the city and asking for a free public transport. About 20 people were getting into the buses for free and giving brochures to the people…

Zaragoza: squat attempt

On the 10th of june an old house was squated in Zaragoza. The owner of the house was a real state company. In the evening, after having cleaned most of the house, the policed arrived with the owner (who was completly histeric) and evicted the building.

La Fabrika, the squat in Kastelló, Spain

On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of june something will be happening in La Fabrika…

Exhibitions, talks, concerts, videos and films. There will be a camping place and a bus will be leaving from Barcelona.

Info-line: 0034 677 096576 The adress is: CSO LA FABRIKA, av. Enrique Jimeno s/n (old nacional road N340) Much fun!!!!!!!


New squat in Utrecht (NL)

The former Fucktory, an old industrial building in the centre of Utrecht, is re-squatted. The Wester Asfabriek, as it is called now, will program a lot of activities for the coming summer-season. The main thing is creating an illegal campinground for travellers, so come by for a little holiday!

Utrecht is about twenty minutes from Amsterdam by train, so a good place to visit. Cheap meals, concerts en tekno-music are available every night. The adress is: Westendijk 20. Only ten minutes walking from Utrecht Central Station

Squat the DAM square in Amsterdam! Dam te kraak!

We go to create two huge wheels and a frame of bicycle – made of hundreds and hundreds of people on bicycles, tricycles, bicycle sound systems, etc. COME TO AMSTERDAM, VONDEL PARK SUNDAY 18.00 P.M. than we cycle to Dam! (flyer-poster to see and download & COPY & PRINT & SPREAD at

FOR better climate in all cities of this planet and for priorities of all bicycle people. [Read More]