Rampage in Hamburg

Hamburg:On late monday night around 30 people vandalised in the area of the Hamburger Schanzenviertel. In the course of the evening a police car was set on fire.The police later informed the public that the car had burned out compleately. Nobody was hurt and the suspects escaped and remain unknown.

8 Oct. 1997 TAZ


Berlin: Rigaerstrasse burned out


In the ex squatted house in the Rigaerstrasse 80 in Friedrichshain a fire started at around 5.30pm on 20th October 1997! The house was squatted for 7 years and evicted on the 29.july 1997. The owner had yesterday done some cleanup work. The reason for the fire was not yet established! Witnesses spoke about lots of smoke and traffic chaos on the nearby main road!

Cologne (Germany): New squat in Spichernstrasse!


The following text is copied from a flyer:

Today, 8.november 1997 SPICHERNSTRASSE 25 (close to U-bahn Hans-boeckler-str. in the Stadtgarten) SQUATTED
We give a home to our future
Everybody welcome!

Cologne is expecting the oppening of new squatts! Why? [Read More]