Harare (Zimbabwe): Another violent police raid on a squatter community leaves 100 families homeless

August 30th, 2010

Another violent raid on a squatter community in Harare leaves 100 families homeless, the “Zimbabwe Standard” reports.

Police burned scores of shacks, and arrested 55 people, though a department spokesman later denied any knowledge of the raid.

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Southern African leaders have come out strongly in support of Mugabe’s controversial land reform program

SADC leaders back Zim land grabs


SOUTHERN African leaders have come out strongly in support of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s controversial land reform program, saying Britain should “honour its obligations” and provide resources for land reform in the embattled country. Ending two-day talks on the region’s simmering conflicts and tepid economic growth, the leaders of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) called on rich nations to write off foreign debt and expressed concern over unending civil wars in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. [Read More]


Zimbabwe: Mugabe – sinned against as well as sinning?

By James Linell
Mugabe – sinned against as well as sinning?
4 May 2000

Recent events in Zimbabwe have exposed President Mugabe to attacks of rarely paralleled unanimity and venom in the UK press and media. Illegal farm invasions unchecked by the police and resulting in the deaths of two white farmers, fourteen deaths of black Zimbabweans, and and a spate of assaults against opposition supporters have been strident headline news for weeks on end. Mugabe’s government is blamed not only for failing to prevent or punish these acts of lawlessness. It is accused of a range of accompanying wrongdoings that deprive it of any political legitimacy. The truly important policy elements underlying Mugabe’s actions and inactions and the historical background to the present troubles are either ignored or distorted to fit the anti-Mugabe campaign. [Read More]