Amsterdam: ‘We Are Here’ squat Vluchtgarage

On Saturday, the ‘We Are Here’ group of refugees found a new home at Kralenbeek 100 in Amsterdam.

Almost two weeks ago they were evicted from their previous squat, the Vluchtkantoor on Weteringsschans, and some of the group found temporary shelter at the Havenstraat. Since then a group of 90 have spent two weeks wandering through the city, finding shelter each night with friends and social centres. Now there is a new building squatted, in the south of Amsterdam.
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Amsterdam (The Netherlands): Notweg Refugees bring their protest into a squatted church, the Vluchtkerk

A bunch of journalists, activists, churches, squatters and charities gathered last weekend to create a temporary solution for the refugees that have been evicted from the Notweg. The goal is to keep their situation on the political agenda.

In the meanwhile a whole village is being raised in an occupied empty church in Amsterdam West (Erik de Roodestraat 14-16). This will host approximately 83 activists from the ´no paper´ migrant community. People who have no opportunity to stay in our country and have no opportunity to go back. [Read More]