Minsk (Belarus): Solidarity from belarussian squatters

Struggle comes from our hearts!

Here is a group of anarcho-punks, and squatters from Minsk city in Belarus. We are watching the situation in Netherlands and are excited of all this time – because for us a right for the living, autonomous spaces and creation independent culture is very important. We had a squat also like social centre in 2008 year, now we are making house-project to try to keep collective and less alienate way of living, also a space for some activities. From some political cases all places like these here are closed to wide public, but we develop inside the movement and make public events somewhere else.

Also for solidarity to Netherlands squatting movement we choose to make something, which is coming directly from our hearts as we don’t have any embassy of Netherlands or another official institution – we put our feelings in picture on the wall of one’s house on 28th november 2009. We want to support you in this way, and though it is not public protests, for us it’s message to all squatters in Netherlands, for all people who resist this antikraak law over the world. We are with you! Keep on fighting!


Source Indy NL