Islamabad (Pakistan): Update on katchi abadis

On Wednesday August 26, the Supreme Court of Pakistan requested that the city of Islamabad stop the demolitions of katchi abadis (squatter settlements) [previously on S!N]. The court viewed the evictions as unconstitutional and also wanted to know why the city had ordered property owners not to rent to the evicted squatters.
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Islamabad: Forced evictions

Monday, April 14: The CDA and Islamabad Police organized the demolition of dozens of katchi abadi homes along I-10 and H-10 today, rendering hundreds of people in those informal settlements homeless. Many of the residents who were evicted were either refugees from Afghanistan, or internally displaced people from Balochistan and FATA. Most did not resist or organize against the evictions because of fear of possible arrest, deportation or violent reprisal from the state. The situation in the abadis was tantamount to a man-made humanitarian disaster, with hundreds of people, including women and children, being deprived of homes without restitution or resettlement. All of these people are now without any form of shelter. [Read More]